CF Grow dimmable CREE cxb 3590

Product Name:Dimmable CREE cxb 3590
Brand:CF Grow

CF Grow LED Grow Lights are by far one our favorite LED Grow Lights. This new style of LED Grow Lights offer versatility unmatched. They are called COB LED Grow Lights (Chip On Board). CF Grow LED Grow Lights are made with CREE cxb3590 LED Lights.

The awesome thing about this LED Grow Light is that its a full spectrum grow light. In that , the wavelength goes from 380nm-780nm , which is closer to that of  sunlight which is much better in terms  of light absorbtion for better overall plant growth than most LED Grow Lights.

This light can also be used for all stages of plant growth ,from vegetation to flowering. CF Grow says that this LED Grow light can easily replace a 400 watt HPS. But let me tell you, this light is extremely bright and surely they can go toe to toe with an HPS Grow light with 600 watts +.

These Grow Lights combine the high light intensity of an HPS with the high par output of similar to red and blue LED Grow lights. In this way you get the best of both worlds! Not only does the CF Grow LED Grow light use some of the best COB’s on the market ,they also use MEANWELL drivers which are synonymous with high quality.

You definitely need such a quality driver to power such a bright LED light. Now we know that these lights aren’t the cheapest compared to other models on the market, but we feel these are exactly what a new or experienced grower should use if they want a quality LED Grow light.http://

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