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Best LED Grow Lights 2017



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Top Ten LED Grow Lights



Cannabis contains two active chemicals which are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  While THC contains the chemical that causes intoxication, CBD is the substance known for its medical benefit. Cannabis is one of the oldest known plants that have served several purposes for man’s use.  Today in the present world, cannabis has been known to be used for medical purposes; this is why a lot of people consider it as part of the staple plants to be grown.

The advent of technology in the last decade has helped in accelerating the growth of plants, in recent times; LED light has also been used in growing cannabis. Using LED Lights to grow cannabis and other kinds of plants especially indoors has become widely popular because of their ability to produce rapid yields with just a reasonable amount of electricity by delivering specific wavelength combinations and lighting strategies. When using choosing a LED light for growing cannabis, there are several factors that should be considered, these include:

ELECTRICAL EFFICIENCY: LED light is usually measured by the level of light intensity that the light source provides in the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). This helps to determine the efficiency of the LED Light which is determined by the level of light intensity that can be produced. Although many LED lights usually produce pure red spectrum of about 660 nanometer (nm) with a high electrical efficiency, cannabis growth requires a color spectrum of between 400 to 700nm in other to reach its photosynthesis. An uneven spectrum tends to impede growth or kill the cannabis plant.

PLANT RESPONSE: while some of the Best LED Grow  lights can be customizable, to align with the desires of the grower, in the case of cannabis, the type of cannabis plants significantly determines the choice of the Best LED Grow Light to use. When using light the blue spectrum light tends to produce short and thick plant with large leaves during vegetative phase while red spectrum lights triggers budding in the flowering phase

HUMAN TOLERANCE: LEDs provides a wide range of spectrum such as white, light pink or deep pinks. Just as the sun provides light, the LEDs do the same but with a better and balanced spectrum including blue, yellow and red light which nourishes the cannabis plant and provides protection for the people around the environment that enables them to work without eye protection for a period of time.


SAFETY AND CERTIFICATION: this is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing LEDs. Growers of cannabis need to consider the UL certification, decay test results and warranty; this will help to determine the security and quality of the LED






Our agricultural system keeps improving and gets better as the years goes by. It grew from an outdoor system to an indoor system of cultivating plants. Farmers finds it a bit difficult cultivating plants indoors using the famous traditional lightning systems such as compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. The CFL and HPS lightning systems proved unsatisfactory not until the intervention of the LED lightning for plant cultivation.

LED – light emitting diode is a small electroluminescent light which is energy efficient and emits virtually little or no heat. They come in vary size and shape and are used for various purposes. These lights have gained popularity compared to other light within the horticulture and agricultural fields mostly for urban farms and farm rooms.

During the last decade, LED technology has advanced significantly and have out shadowed the CFL and HPS methods. This technology is used in growing plants such as marijuana and has improved the green house farming which encourages farmers adopting the system. It is common that we all tend to disengage from a particular practice if it does not have a success story. To this effect, it will be comfortable to say that LED technology is indeed of great benefit when it comes to growing plants. This article will focus on the pros of using LED lights in growing cannabis.

Pros of LED light in cultivating cannabis

  • Eco-friendly –LED lights are generally known to conserve energy ( emits less heat and humidity) and to this cause supports the effective growth of marijuana without posing any risk to it. For this same reason, LED lights can be comfortably placed very close to the plant canopy which gives you the ability to control the light spread. LED maintains a stable temperature in your farm, hence, causes no burns to your plants and no case of fire outbreak is been recorded.
  • Maintenance – Unlike other lightning systems, LED comes with little or no maintenanceat all and this could last for a long period of time. The average life span of LED light is calculated to be over 132months approximately 11years and this is enough time to reap and cultivate your plant over and over again. This of no doubt guarantees a steady production of cannabis with no relapse all year round.
  • Trichrome production –Every plant just like marijuana come with a trichrome for it to be potent. LED does not only grow marijuana in a stable temperature, it also aids in increasing the potency of the plant by constant production of trichrome. LED is not only interested in bringing the plant into development of its true nature but also enhances the components of the plant in its active state.
  • Installation – Installing any LED light in your farm is very easy and can be done by you reading the installation guide on manual. Every LED light comes with a plug-in and requires you to fix it up in its proper place. Once that is done, it is up for use.
  • Requires no added power – The Best LED Grow lights come with an inbuilt power supply, hence requires no extra power supply unlike HID which would need an extra 100 watts to function.

With LED lights, growing marijuana which has become a commodity in the society today, is even more easier and better for a successful yield which keeps you going all year round.




Since growing cannabis is now legal or regulated in many states, the use of effective and efficient equipment for growing marijuana cannot be overemphasized. On the scene for growing cannabis, full spectrum LED grow light is relatively new. However, they are quickly growing in popularity because they are easy to use and set up, they are energy efficient, and can be used for the full life cycle of your cannabis plants.

Some Cannabis growers do not find full spectrum LED grow lights popular. However, LED lighting systems has improved greatly in line with growth in technology. Five or ten years ago,full spectrum LED grow light would not have been a perfect choice for marijuana growers; they are becoming more popular every day.

Many cannabis growers assert that LEDs are far superior and more energy conscious than HID setups. You will save money, energy and management time if you go with full spectrum LED grow light.

One of the most important decisions while creating an indoor setup for growing cannabis is what kind of lights to use. This article will cover details about the full spectrum led grow light and why you should choose it to grow your cannabis plants.


LED light uses a current passing through a semiconductor to produce light. Inside the semiconductor, the energy is released from moving electrons. They are available in any color ranging from ultraviolet to infrared wavelengths; however, previously they were only available in red.

The credit of LED light is given to H. J. Round, who in 1907 was the first person to experiment with and observe electroluminescence. OldegVladimirovichLosey, the Russian inventor couldn’t find a practical way to use the light until Rubin Braunstein in 1955 observed semiconductors alloys. Six years later, Texas instruments took over with a patent.


The reason is pretty simple. Many cannabis growers are not all that familiar with these new lighting systems, because the Full spectrum LED grow lights are a relatively new product in the market. Many cannabis growers believe the giant fluorescent are the best cannabis grow light used over an indoor growing cannabis garden compare to the full spectrum LED grow light, but that is a fallacy. The Full spectrum LED grow lights are better due to the fact that they mimic real sunlight.

The benefits of using the full spectrum LED grow light include:

  1. The full spectrum LED grow light encourages high yields
  2. The running cost over time is less compare to other lighting systems
  3. Full spectrum LED grow light does not need extra fans, as they run cool.
  4. They do not need ballast, since they don’t flicker.
  5. They take less space, more durable, emit light faster and are shock-resistant than HID lights.

Full spectrum LED grow light does not need replacing of their lambs for 50,000 hours or more. Meaning so many cannabis growers will enjoy so many years of trouble-free service.